This blog has been built in a bid to fulfil three key things:

1. WordPress

To gain some initial experience in the day-to-day use of WordPress as a platform.

2. Sharing Information/Experience

For some time now, along with many others, I have ended up relying on a blog article here or there to help complete my knowledge when tackling certain technical things. For at times when the official documentation is either unavailable, unattainable, or simply unhelpful, blogs have cast the occasional small-yet-important light upon subjects that I might otherwise have given up on.

It is hoped that perhaps this blog might add to – or at least augment – those other blogs that, however small, help complete those little jigsaws we are sometimes faced with.

3. Writing, Thinking, Organising

With work there can be precious little opportunity simply to sit and think about things (particularly about things on a different wavelength from work). One way of tackling this is simply to write, because the process of writing stimulates parts of the mind that the daily routine so often neglects.