Despite it being April 1st, I had made a committment to myself to release some form of early working version of git for the RISC OS platform.

Well. Here it is. It is currently released as 0.5.0-alpha1.0. It’s really quite early on still, so there are bound to be issues, but it would be useful for members of the community to download it and see how they get on with it.

It is marked as 0.5.0 because quite frankly as a git client it’s only covering about half of the basic functionality that would generally be expected of a 1.0.0 release. It’s also marked as alpha1.0 because of the lack of testing in terms of depth and breadth.

It is provided caveat emptor.

The accompanying User Guide is available in PDF form here:

And to download a Zip file containing the RISC OS !git application content, click here:

Share and enjoy.

4 Replies to “RISC OS git”

  1. Well done. I will give it a go, which means you may well get some bug reports in your inbox 🙂

  2. This is really exciting! Do you plan to make the source available on somewhere like GitHub at some point too?

    1. Yes it’ll be open sourced soon enough. I suspect once the first couple of minor revisions are out and the community is satisfied that it’s working well enough to be considered broadly stable and useful, I’ll tidy things up, open up the source and hopefully continue working on it maybe with others getting involved as well!

  3. There is no mention of v1.0.0 … which you posted a link to on the ROOL forum on the evening of 12th July 2020. It seems to work ok, but with some limitations (as noted on the forum). Has any progress been made since then, as I would love to be able to use it on RISC OS more easily.

    Oh – the HTTPS certificate for this site seems unacceptable to FireFox, as it is self-signed!

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